Our Vision

The Civil Service Examination vastly differs from the university type examinations as is evident from the fact that the marks one gets in University exams are directly proportional to the number of answer sheets filled; while the Civil Services wants you to be accurate, precise & to the point. Consequently, the technique of preparation has to differ to suit specific needs. While work for most university examinations can be done at a leisured pace, a candidate preparing for the Civil Services Examination does not have much time at his/her disposal and the amount of task to be accomplished within this short span of time is humongous. It will be extremely unrealistic to think that one can prepare for this examination within a short time entirely on one’s own. Understanding the enormity of this challenge, THE ANALYTICS emphasizes an approach that is totally in tune with the requirements of this examination.

We have scientifically analyzed the IAS and PCS trends for the last 15 years and worked out a coherent strategy on the nature of the preparation to be made. Our experienced faculty has worked out a clear understanding of the pattern of setting the questions and how to tackle them. We have developed precise study materials – which take care of examinations’ all the needs. Our experienced faculty has designed the curriculum carefully to directly meet the demands of the examinations. This effectively brings down the workload on the students greatly and allows them to rely on highly competent and tailor-made guidance. We keep updating our course coverage plans to keep pace with the changing trends of the examination. We have lucid lectures evoking student’s interest in the various areas of knowledge and imparting a picture-like view of the various themes to be studied. An exhaustive Sectional test is a weekly activity to test the student’s understanding and expression in various areas. Questions from the previous year’s CSE and PCS papers are indicated and practiced with each topic. Further, an assignment is also given in each set. We also counsel the students on how to present answers effectively and how to create an impression among a thousand of other competitors. Without making it too overt, we keep grooming our students emotionally to take the challenges posed by this intensely competitive examination with a positive and optimistic state of mind.

All these dimensions of guidance are carefully taken care of during our sessions which proceed strictly as per the schedule of work given to the students. In the long term, a scientific process of examination-oriented training results in saving a lot of precious time and maximization of a candidate’s efficiency. Civil Services is a game with its own rules, adherence to the rules can see you through with Team Analytics being the catalyst. Together we can & we will make a difference. All the best aspirants!