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The analytics is one of India’s well-known Institute preparing candidates for the Civil Services Examination at all the three levels – Preliminary Test, Main Examination and Personality Test. Since its inception, the Institute has helped over 250 students to enter the Civil Services including I.A.S., I.F.S., I.P.S. and other Central Services.

The teaching faculty of the Institute has been drawn from highly qualified and experienced teachers of the Central Universities and other reputed Institutes. To provide quality education and guidance normally a minimum of two to three teachers are engaged for each subject. In General Studies, six teachers are guiding the candidates. To prepare the reading materials for the correspondence courses, the Institute has an exclusive center for Correspondence Education which employs all the latest techniques of distance education to cater fully to the needs of the candidate.

Our primary objective is to provide dependable guidance for candidates preparing for the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, with a view to enable them to secure their cherished career in life. It has been the constant endeavor of the Union Public Service Commission to so pattern the system of recruitment that the best available talent is located. For this purpose, the Commission has introduced a new system of examination from 1979 onward. The new Combined Civil Services Examination aims at, to test not only the candidate’s subjective knowledge but also his capacity to understand and interpret complicated issues and his ability to apply knowledge to resolve practical problems. With this end in view, the Commission has introduced a screening test of objective type at the Preliminary Test level.

Further, the system of examination requires a candidate to prepare a subject of Honours or Post-Graduation standard which he might not have studied as a part of his curricula at his Graduation and Post-Graduation levels. This calls for a completely new orientation of preparation on the part of the candidate to qualify in the Civil Services Examination which is entirely different from the traditional university-type of examination. Consequently, a candidate just after passing out of a university does not comprehend clearly what is expected of him to qualify in the Civil Services Examination. He is not in a position to select a new optional subject which will suit both his personal aptitude and the chances for securing higher marks in the Civil Services Examination. This is where a candidate needs the help of a professional educational institute specializing in the Civil Services Examination.

Keeping in view the difficulties a candidate is likely to face when he decides to sit for the Civil Services Examination, we not only offer useful guidance to candidates but also help them in the selection of proper optional subjects.

A study of the successful candidates in the Civil Services Examination in the previous years brings out clearly the traits required of a candidate to succeed finally in the Civil Services Examination. These could be summed up as the candidate’s ability to understand clearly the subject-matter of the General Studies and the Optional subjects in a systematic manner, capacity to write a long, analytical and imaginative essay in an impressive style, formulate and present his answer in the most direct, logical, constructive and analytical manner highlighting the central and salient points and possession of an amicable, cheerful and optimistic outlook towards life for success in the personality test.

Keeping the above traits as the criteria, we have been following and striving to improve upon our system of guidance in such a way that it would bring out the best in a candidate so that he could compete successfully in the Civil Services Examination.

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