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Sociology Optional UPSC

Sociology optional is one of the most popular optional subjects in the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Many students with sociology optional typically clear the IAS exam year after year. Syllabus is limited and the concepts can be grasped with a person who has no academic background in the subject. At Analytics IAS, located in Delhi & Noida, we attempt to provide one of the best Sociology optional coaching classes in India. Sociology at The Analytics IAS is taught by Pankaj Shukla, who (with his years of experience teaching sociology to CSE aspirants) is regarded as one of the leading sociology optional teachers and UPSC preparation faculty in India.

Course Details

Sociology is a discipline revolving around social aspects such as Institution of family, Marriage and Kinship, Politics and society, Religion and society etc. Sociology is one of the 48 Optional Subjects available for UPSC mains examination. In this, we deal with studying and understanding the social life and behaviours, social cause sand various cultural aspects of various societies. Sociology gives a thoughtful understanding of the society, wider world and other social elements related to it. On daily basis, we are performing on most of the aspects of sociology consciously as well as unconsciously at home, society, family and friends. The main base of Sociology as a subject is that it directs our way of acting, speaking, giving, taking and overall functionality.

Important & Useful facts about SOCIOLOGY Optional?

  • Very popularly, Sociology is the most frequently & commonly chosen optional subject in UPSC CSE.
  • It has the most precise and well defined and structured syllabus divided in 2 papers, of which the second paper covers mostly the overlapping parts.
  • A well-planned and well-taught Sociology optional foundation course with unique and innovative teaching technique and approaches (4-4.5 month’s tenure) is sufficient to cover the entire UPSC Sociology syllabus.
  • Due to its overlapping syllabus structure, it indirectly covers the majority of the UPSC syllabus under an experienced and qualified mentor. The major aim is to study smartly.

What do we offer…?

We, at The Analytics IAS Academy, bring to you a well-structured and planned course specially mentored by none other than our Sociology GURU Pankaj Shukla Sir and team, who have designed the course specially to cater the needs of serious aspirants to lead them through their goal. The entire course is covered in a span of 4-4.5 months in a comprehensive and interactive session. Every class is phenomenal with live examples and unique teaching methods by Pankaj Shukla Sir who delivers the lectures, at unaffordable price without compromising on quality. 5 Points that make us different from others.

  • SMALL Batch Size: Our Motto is QUALITY not QUANTITY.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Online/ Offline/ Bilingual
  • QUALITY: We take the GUARANTEE- Past History of Selections
  • APPROCHABILITY throughout

Important Highlights

  • Complete coverage √
  • Weekly updated study materials √
  • Assignments & Tests √
  • Personalized mentoring √
  • Answer writing with evaluation √
  • Offline/ Online √
  • Bilingual √
  • Support from start to end √

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